To listen to the name of RADIOHEAD is to go back to the time where we listened to Rock by day and by night at our favorite radio station, those high notes by Tom Yorke, his bohemian shrill cries accompanied our afternoons of reflection or our nights of madness, a group of songs gather in a single verse all the juvenile questions, all our doubts, our fears, and then I let loose on your face a shout of ¡Run! it is something that left an indelible mark on our adult personality construction.

We grew up soaked in Rock, but, above all, the one that was most deep inside us was written in the nineties, young British and Americans were able to find sounds that broke all the schemes, sounds so deep, so full of frustrations, of joys, of love or hate, they wanted to tell their own stories and trumpet them to the beat of electric guitars and heartbreaking screams.

The young people of South America got these messages, because although they came from a foreign Anglo-Saxon language, we understood them, we took them as our own, we got drunk in the heat of the sacred fire of Rock, as it was difficult to have access to exact translations that would keep the intension of the NIRVANA, PEARL JAM, ALICE IN CHAINS and of course RADIOHEAD, we kept them in their original language, and we tried to learn these legendary songs, until we got to the point, to sing on an April night breaking the silence of the night with an immortal riff 🎸🎤 But I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo. What the hell am I doing here? I don’t belong here.


On April 25 we will have the first opportunity to accompany Tom Yorke in the choirs, when they perform in Bogotá, on the poster of the SOUNDHEARTS FESTIVAL 2018, this festival brings together bands of various genres and is presented in 4 different countries of South America for this year. Main guest is RADIOHEAD, click on the following image so you can access all the information of the event.

poster Sound Hearts

Additional to remember good times we share one of the most performed songs in the history of music



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