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Mario Mendoza is one of the best current exponents of Bogotana literature, Mario is characterized by his dark novels, built from stories of the forgotten, the rejected, of all those who are outside the parameters of normal behavior for society , his books full of darkness, portray the stigmas and wounds that make you part of a capitalist and selfish society.

Bogota is known for its architectural variations and archetypes, depending on the physical location where you are, if you go north or north east find all the opulence of wealthy and enlightened social classes, buildings and houses worthy of decorum and recognition, beautiful neighborhoods that shine with their own light; On the other hand, if you go to the center or to the south of the city you find dirty streets, inhabitants of the street zombified by the psychotropic vices of the gloom, dehumanized to the point of calling them destitute (Person unworthy of being called people).

It is in these dark places that Mario concentrates most of his efforts and offers us an acid, visceral and realistic look at everything that happens behind the scenes, all those events that are hidden from our eyes, so much so that we have discovered murderers , phenomena, fetishists and terrorists, with their essays, we have traveled to the streets of Calculate one of the poorest cities in the world to visit a young imprisoned, we have entered a restaurant accompanying a murderer brought from the hells of war, who is willing to kill his enemy, his fellow men.

On this occasion, his new novel Diario del fin del mundo tells us about the fanaticism of a character who in his youth was a recognized Nazi and suddenly arrives in a foreign country to hide from his inquisitors, but let Mario be the one who gives us a advancement


Mario awoke in the interest of the young public, because he brings with him the whole tradition of the academy, so much so that he attends with pleasure to present his works in the universities and colleges of the country, his solitary life is due to his challenge to look for stories to tell , framing the path that an intellectual man must follow in order to be able to call himself a writer some day.

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