Everything is ready for 05.08.18 to live a day of music with guests, artistic proposals, displays of products and services, all under the concept of BIO!
With the presentation of the platform, and the preparations of the alternative alternatives in sustainable Bio-fashion directed to the conscience and the environment, the festival began

The main event is your number of days full of activities and a catwalk where four of the alternative fashion designers committed to the environment, will present their excellent collections:
Monica Fonnegra

bio 3 Monica F.jpg
(Small small photo)
“My collection is called Fashion that breathes – patchwork and is made in discarded textiles, this certification in neutral carbon footprint means that the manufacturing process is sustainable … we can move forward the biomode (…) in a sustainability approach “

Nancy Bonilla

bio 1 Nancy Bonilla.jpg
“My collection is called Novastalgia proposal that shows how the man of the future would be in a contaminated environment (…) is a message and strong criticism of the environment and what we are doing to improve the environment”

Dora Isabel Martínez

bio 2 Dora Martinez.jpg

“My collection is called forbidden to prohibit, (…) work different materials and the idea is a third part and many opportunities for textile reuse (…) the idea is for a consumer to bring a garment and we continue transforming it. environmental the garments do not die, the garments are transformed “

Xio Nissi

pre bio-13.jpg
“We are working with conscientious materials, natural materials, with nanotechnology and garments that are friendly to the planet”

Last day do not stay without your entrance to 10 k
Payment and reservation information in:
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