On October 3rd the official opening of Movistar Arena, a scenario that changes the way you hold events in the city of Bogota (Colombia), the first program was presented by the perfect blend Juans, BOSÉ and YATRA was performed.

Source: Movistar Arena.co

Bogota has been characterized as a centralized city, a city that manages all economic, social, political but above all cultural destinations in Colombia, is for this reason that large companies are committed to bringing world shows, worthy of the capital most developed around the world.

Bogotanos citizens got used for many years to feel slighted by the characteristics of underdevelopment in which we live in Latin America, but despite this situation we’re known for being positivists, creative and dreamers that despite the difficulties, we see the Bright side of life in the city.


The Movistar Arena in Bogota is the opportunity to show the world that the capital of Colombia (Bogota) city is the launching pad to bring our cultural projects and other parts of the world where we learn and discover through these development projects organizations , because Bogota will always be the eternal Athens of South America.

To give the best show possible on its opening night the big event at the Movistar Arena, were mixed thoroughly, three generations of artists who have been the forerunners of knowledge of the world to the Spanish-American culture


Since 1975, Miguel Bosé (musician Spanish) has been one of the most important representatives of Spanish music worldwide, music, mix of ballads, instruments and a powerful voice accompanied walking 4 generates


Since 2000, when JUANES (Colombian musician) launched his solo career has led mix of urban sounds and powerful voice all over the world as an ambassador of Colombia worldwide.


Since 2013, this young Colombian has become one of the most important figures in Latin music worldwide, his youth and talent has allowed him to reach places where all artists want to reach, recognition befits their excellent work .

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