Launched on a world tour, presenting their new album, WILDNESS, the recognition band in Ireland and Scotland. He arrived for the first time in Colombia on March 25.

Source: twitter.com/snowpatrol/

With more than 20 years of experience, SNOW PATROL, evolving over time consolidating as a fresh and versatile band, with its own sounds led by the vital force attached to the voice of GARY LIGHTBODY, guitars and drums converge in an essentially dynamic setting .

Talk about this band with a tendency to Indie, is to remember in our memory to put near our ears unforgettable songs like the melodious CHASING CARS, the energetic JUST SAY YES or the memorable RUN (a chorus of many lives).

In Bogotá city, they chose an acoustic scenario typical of the transported sounds of their presentations, important thing is to show young people that since 5 years ago our city has become a stopover musical for the most important bands in the world.

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