Crash Bandicoot 4,to back the time

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time brings the franchise back to its roots later this year, showcasing a pirate-themed level and some of the sequel’s new and recurring cheats and moves. The game will arrive on PS4 and Xbox One on October 2.

Trailer oficial CRASH BANDICOOT 4

After a long wait, all fans of the Crash Bandicoot franchise will have the great satisfaction of enjoying a new installment of the game, despite the fact that the franchise has remained in the market thanks to its popular racing games, none of the The titles managed to capture the magic of the original adventure trilogy, where the novel levels, the difficulty and the interaction of the players with the characters made it one of the most remembered video game sagas of that time.

Nuevo nivel con temática pirata

Crash 4 will take the series to new worlds on October 2, as after the first glimpse that the IGN experts gave to Crash Bandicoot 4 they were encouraged to say that the diversity, of scenarios where the main characters Crash and Coco have interesting adventures, By adding the new exclusive footage, you can streamline many of the new moves, ideas, and tricks the elements that made the franchise so successful in the past.

Continuing where the original trilogy ended, Neo Cortex and Dr. Nefarious Tropy have escaped from their interdimensional prison and in so doing have fractured the boundaries of time and space. It is up to Crash and Coco to save the day.

Additionally, the creators, understanding that many of the new players want to know the initial saga, give us the possibility of acquiring the N-SANE trilogy in a single package, including 2 special scenarios.





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