Dark, the third season is the exit of the tunnel

Dark The final season released on Netfilx on June 27 reveals that as much as the show invites a question about who the villain was or not, it never really mattered as much as the possibility that anyone is the final antagonist.

After all the talk of inevitability, it seemed like this great trilogy of seasons was meant to be a rope that instead of snapping under the tension pulling on each end, falls apart into a pile, neat as it was.

This is how the series comes to an end in season 3, crowned by an ending that puts aside the idea of a final winner. Apparently doomed to spend an infinite number of years in time-traveler-dominated fighting realities with flexible morale.

Jonas y Martha enfrentan su destino en la temporada final

“Dark” ends with the idea that power comes from a completely different place: humility. When Jonas (Louis Hofmann) and Martha (Lisa Vicari) are evicted from a circle that also includes their old and scarred beings Adam (Dietrich Hollinderbäumer) and Eva (Barbara Nüsse), a feeling:

“What we know is a drop. What we don’t know is an ocean. “- stands out from the rest.

Dark Season 3

The exit from the tunnel, is the conspiracy paradox of time that ends up being a confrontation between our dreams and the realities that we wanted to be, Dark ends up being the ideological representation of the infinite number of alternative endings that our lives have but only one of them will take us to the end.




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