The New Rolling Stones Song

Criss Cross is the new song by the Rolling Stones who 8 years ago did not release new material, the song was released on July 9 and is an ode to the legendary guitar of Keith Richards.

One of three unreleased tracks featured on Goats Head Soup 2020, along with a new stereo mix from the original 1973 album

Almost 40 years for a Goats Head Soup reissue with the release of a never-released song called Criss Cross. It is one of three unreleased tracks from the new 1973 album release, which will also feature instrumental mixes and the live album The Brussels Affair. Goats Head Soup 2020 features two other unknown tracks: Scarlet and All The Rage, plus demo versions, outtakes, and previously unreleased live performances.

I really feel close to this album, and I really put everything I had on it … I guess it seems like I’m more interested in the songs.

Mick Jagger

This year they returned with all the energy of rock and roll, the mythical band has remained in force, this year marked their return by releasing a song called living in a ghost town that captures all the inexhaustible essence of the rock songs of the past.

Due to global news Keith Richards and Mick Jagger were unable to tour this year, however, with the release of this new album, 2021 promises to be a year charged with all the energy of the Rolling Stones electric guitars.





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