The new Far Cry 6 get the glory of the past

Since the first Far Cry released in 2004 developed by Crytek, the franchise has been characterized by the perfect mix between the development of the main plot and the multiple secondary development possibilities for our character. Thanks to the acquisition of the franchise by Ubisoft, the game has been able to take advantage of the Cryengine, Dunia’s engine, to use the open map modality.

Trailer Oficial Far Cry 6

Thousands of exploration possibilities is the dynamic that drives Far Cry fans, as as a player you have the possibility to complete the main story in the most personalized way possible, hunt animals, buy weapons, loot jewelry and money, drive any type of vehicles and even gliding using hang gliders are the favor points that the franchise games have.

Bass Far Cry 3

The title that took the brand to a higher level was the endearing Far Cry 3 (2012) an overwhelming story seen through the eyes of Jason and driven by the madness of the most remembered villain named Bass, a plot and character development very Advanced for their generation, the realistic graphics plunged us into a chaotic island from which we could only escape through the insane manifestation of human dementia.

This time the developers chose a story where a paranoid dictator teaches his son how to govern egolatra blood and fire individuals of a society to build their own paradise of power.

Delve into the stark experience of a makeshift modern guerrilla and topple a dictator and his son to free Yara.

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The game will be released on February 18, 2021 and promises to regain the confidence of all those who are waiting a little longer since titles 4 and 5 were released, games that did not reach the quality levels of their predecessors.




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