Microsoft reveals its new Xbox store

Microsoft has announced a major overhaul of its digital store for Xbox, and the end result is a browsing experience much faster and easier navigation.

“Much more than a typical application update, we reconstructed the experience from the ground up to be faster, safer and easier to use than ever”

said Cody Bird from the Xbox team

The new Microsoft Store app for Xbox will launch for some Xbox users on August 5 before expanding to other testers in the coming weeks, and ultimately reaching all owners of Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, this fall. For me, the current store can be a real hassle to navigate, and this feels like a big step in the right direction.

Preview of the new image of the Xbox store

The new store is dramatically faster than the current version. Microsoft says it is “twice as fast as before” and can load in less than two seconds, sometimes even less than a second. It has been restructured to make it easier to get to the section you want with the Xbox controller. The side navigation panel is similar to the Xbox app for PC. You can get a good idea of all the changes by watching the video below

Source: Theverge.com



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