Chadwick Boseman, the king we will never forget.

Chadwick Boseman will forever be remembered as a worthy representative of kings, a reign so transcendent that it went beyond fiction to become an icon of the profound transformation that contemporary society is undergoing.

A revolution begins where ideas are materialized into transformative concepts, but these revolutions cannot subsist by themselves, they need material representatives to personify them, rational, strong and motivating individuals to demonstrate that they are the chosen ones to occupy the throne of kings.

Transformation is the perfect definition of a year that has touched all our sensory fibers going deep into our rational consciousness so that we are able to change our reality forever, we have felt vulnerable for the first time in modern times of digitalization by the multiplicity of threats and enemies we are facing.

We are uniting for the great causes and everything starts from the communion we have made in the last years where most of the individuals of different nationalities are raising their voice in the sky to face the most important battle of our lives and that important mission is to protect everything we love (loved ones, ideologies, philosophies of life) but above all our freedom, because even though tyrants will always exist we will never stop fighting.

From these premises lies the impact that Black Phanther has had in recent years, hidden and silenced voices are seeing the light reflected by those who are leading these noble causes, a film that deals accurately with the cycle of life, as the protagonist, a prince had to be brave and prepare for the moment when he should become a leader. 


When the moment of King T’challa arrived, it was approached in a wonderful and poetic way the way in which this noble spirit destroyed the barriers that separated his evolved nation from the rest, understanding that by doing this his immaterial footprint would try to be violated by the other leaders who would not understand the origin of greatness.

” You are a hero when you are willing to do things for a greater reason than yourself”.

interview Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick was much more than a character, his social causes in the face of a disease he was facing turned him into a positive leader. In an interview conducted while promoting Black Panther he demonstrated all his humanity with words that will never be forgotten.

To enter into the characters played by Chadwick Boseman is to discover the nuances of remarkable individuals who with their acts transformed the policies of a nation (Black Phanther), the first to participate in a sport reserved for a single race (42: la historia de Jackie Robinson), the magnitude of a musical genre that crowned the greatness of the king of soul (James Brown: El rey del soul).

We will all remember Chadwick for the characteristics with which he is defined by the people who had the privilege of knowing him; remarkable, humble, joyful, a fighter, compassionate, a dreamer, intelligent and committed to the nation will give him his place in history as one of the best actors of his generation.

Editorial : @citilennial