Pearl Jam, live to remember a memorable event.

Pear Jam goes back in time to August 8, 2018 and wants us to experience the first night of The Home Shows in its world premiere. Not only was this show the first time the band played at their hometown of Seattle in almost a decade, but it also raised almost $11 million for 100 organizations working to reduce homelessness in Seattle and King County. Immerse yourself in remastered audio and high-definition visual effects with the first Pearl Jam broadcast event prepared especially for home viewing.

The full concert, presented through Nugs.net, will air on Friday, September 4th at 5 p.m. PT and will be available for broadcast on demand until Monday, September 7 at 11:59 p.m. PT. A portion of each ticket will support the ongoing work with non-profit partners of The Home Shows.

Alive en vivo – The Home Shows

The only band from the golden age of grunge that remains alive with its original members, fortunately is the ideal band to carry the flag of rock of the 90’s, led by an insightful Eddie Veder musical genius and example to follow as a social individual, representative of charitable causes and always thinking about the benefit of their community.

In a recent interview Eddie opened his heart and spoke openly about mental health, trauma and pain in a conversation with Lily Cornell, the daughter of his late friend, Chris Cornell, who was the leader of legendary bands such as Soundgarden, Audioslave; Facellido because of the problems he had due to a strong depression he struggled with all his life.

“t is interesting, Roskilde, where there were problems with the weather and the crowd, and a horrible situation where lives were lost in front of the stage … it is crazy to talk to you, because just before going on stage … we received the news that our great friends Chris and Susan had just had a child”, “And her name was Lily, and we cried a little bit of joy… This was, I think, less than 15 minutes before we continued. And then we went out with you in our minds, and we felt empowered and excited … and within 40 minutes of the program, these terrible events happened”.

said Eddie (through Consequence Of Sound). Talking about the tragic episode of Roskile in 2000 where 9 people died while the band was on stage.