Enola Holmes, makes us part of a magnificent police investigation.

Enola Holmes, a story about Sherlock Holmes’ teenage sister, based on a book by Nancy Springer, is now available on Netflix, with Millie Bobby Brown’s outstanding performance this story recalls the cherished detective stories of England’s most famous private detective.

The plot of this film focuses on the challenges that Enola (Millie Bobby Brown) must go through in her education as an investigator, far from giving the central role to the famous Sherlock (Henry Cavill) the directors took on the challenging challenge of introducing a character that competes with the wit that led Holmes to become one of the most recognizable fictional characters.

One of the first and perhaps most important decisions was the selection of the right casting, in the lead role one of the most promising actresses of recent years Millie Bobby Brown a young Briton who rose to fame at an early age for her performance of the role of Once in Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Assured success or notable failure, many think that thanks to the popularity of the actors the way to success of this movie would be assured, but not always having an actor in peak of popularity assures the success before audiences more and more critical, however, to strengthen the cast the producers risked everything in a calculated movement but with unpredictable end to hire Henry Cavill in the role, support of the main protagonist.

Henry Cavill such as Sherlock Holmes

Cavill is an actor who divides opinions from film critics, some value his work far from the tailored suit of Superman, on many occasions the British has tried to show that he is more than an attractive face, and increasingly takes on challenging roles such as Gerald the Rivia in Netflix’s The witcher series, a role that earned him praise from all who enjoyed this interesting medieval series released in 2019.

“When I read the script,” “And they tell me that Millie Bobby Brown was involved and the many very talented actors, it was a very easy decision for me”.

shared Henry Cavill.

Suddenly, this mixture of youth and talent gives the film an appreciable mise en scène where Enola breaks the fourth wall and turns us as spectators into her most important allies in solving the riddles; a masterful move on the part of director Harry Bradbeer, who understands perfectly that the success of investigative narrative is the capacity it has to involve the reader in the story, in this case the audience, to such an extent that we feel ourselves to be the protagonists of the story.

Millie Bobby Brown such as Enola Holmes

As the film progresses, the central conflict gives all the prominence to a young Millie Bobby who is demonstrating with facts why she is called to become a superstar of world cinema, in the shadows a recognizable Cavill brings wit, intelligence and mystery, the main qualities that make Sherlock Holmes a character appreciated by all.

In the end, the two hours guarantee an entertaining trip through 19th century London where historical facts mixed with a little fiction certify what could become one of the most successful franchises of Netflix. Therefore, for the benefit of all, we can continue entering the history of the Holmes who from now on add a main character to a family that deserves to continue telling us their memorable stories.