Nadal Vs Djokovic the 2020 Roland Garros final.

Roland Garros 2020 gives us the most awaited final in recent years the # 1 in the world Novak Djokovic against # 2 Rafael Nadal a scenario of old time that keeps in force one of the most closely fought in the history of sport, this Sunday October 11 will be one of the unforgettable dates for tennis.

To say that 2020 has been the most atypical year of the sport is to emphasize that many opportunities were opened to stand out to sportsmen opaque by the shade of the best ones who regularly compete to win, nevertheless, for Novak and Rafa the year was divided in two and they had to go through unexpected situations that moved them away from their objectives.

Before the obligatory stop Djokovic came with a successful year winning the first Slam of the year the Australia Open, the Serbian arrived at the United States Open on the verge of breaking a record of online victories until a moment of fury crossed his path and provoked an unexpected elimination; On the other side of the court Nadal has been fighting the last years to recover his victories in the big tournaments, in spite of being one of those who decided to leave the Us Open voluntarily.

The great day of disputing the Roland Garros 2020 arrived, a magical tournament where secondary actors fill up with talent, clay is the magical object that molds the triumph of those who look for the silver salad bowl on a terracotta field where Nadal is the best tennis player who ever played on a clay court.

Novak has demonstrated his humanity, in the convulsed months of the year, errors of conduct and controversial decisions have left him at the center of fierce criticism, however, with a remarkable capacity for reinvention he has taken cover and sheltered himself from the outside to recover his strength in the field where things work out best and his talent speaks for itself.

Rafa a more positive leader for many, has always tried to be a mature and cautious man of each of the decisions he takes a role that puts him more on the side of the public at large and especially in Paris. 

It remains to enjoy the final that highlights one of the most glorious times of individual sport where 3 men have taken each other to the limit of their abilities each with his own individual qualities, for many years there will remain the discussion of who was the best of them always with subjective conclusions, but what we all agree is that the achievements that have reached the three will be very difficult to match for the rest of the mortals.