The first two qualifying dates met expectations

The South American soccer qualifiers for the next World Cup started with two energetic October dates, the favorite teams fulfilled and won their respective matches and leave a table of positions with many indications of the definitive end that will mark the path of the teams participating in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Neymar celebrated his first triple-team playoff goal

Brazil leads the table of positions with two goal scoring results, in the first game they beat the Bolivian team by 5 to 0 with a remarkable superiority in the field, the difference of powers was evident and reflects the good sports moment of the green-yellow team; In their second game with an important goal scoring quota of Neymar and many controversial decisions of the VAR, the Brazilians took a victory from Lima by 4 – 2 which leaves them as the favorites to qualify in first place for the next world cup.

Messi celebrates his first victory as captain in peace against Bolivia

Argentina in second position is conjugated in renovating airs of new players that are contributing new ideas to a selection in search of identity, in its first game it obtained a tight result that to many did not leave satisfied but that it denotes the desire of many of those new players to excel with the Albiceleste shirt, in the second date against a factor of weakness called height the Argentinean players overcame the last bad antecedents to obtain an important victory by 2-1.

Colombia celebrates the hard-fought draw with Chile

Colombia went from sailing in calm waters to fighting against the current, with many young but experienced players the Colombian team won its first game with an outstanding 3-0 over a Venezuelan team in its first steps of reconstruction, an austral wake led them to Santiago de Chile to compete in a sports battle against the red, the Colombian players did not give up and almost at the end they tied the game and got a fundamental point in their qualifying aspirations.

Paraguay encourages a victory over Venezuela

Paraguay is positioned in territories long ago adverse, the two last eliminatory ones left a way of defeats and disillusions for the Paraguayan selections, their first rival of the present Peru snatched a place to him in the world-wide one of 2018, with this effective antecedent the Guaraníes overcame to be twice down in the marker to tie a transcendental party in the calendar, in their second encounter in the last effort they prevailed 1-0 to a Venezuelan selection that does not find the rate nor the good sensations.

The young Ecuadorian team defeats a tireless Uruguay

Ecuador is led by young talents in a process strengthened by good youth structures of the Ecuadorian national soccer team, a process that has been working well in the last 5 years, the conviction of the good path they are building for the future led them to recover the 3 points lost in Argentina to beat a veteran Uruguayan team by 4 – 2.

The rest of the classification leaves a step below to Chile, Peru and Uruguay who will have to give the step to the natural renovation that allows them to continue being of the referring teams of the South American soccer; on the other hand, Bolivia and Venezuela will have to construct again from the bases to recover the lost land with the neighbors of the region who surpass them in structure and quality of game. 

Table of positions after the second qualifying date: