Conmebol Libertadores: the time has come for the semi-finals

Today begins the final phase of the 2020 Copa Libertadores, matches that promise a good show against two Brazilian teams in the semifinals vs. two Argentinean teams the four representatives of the two most powerful soccer federations of the continent face to face to seek a place in the final. It all starts today with River Plate (ARG) vs Palmeiras (BRA) and continues tomorrow with Boca (ARG) vs Santos (BRA).

The favorite against one of the best

River Plate (ARG) is considered the best team in South America thanks to the results achieved in the last 5 years since Marcelo Gallardo assumed the technical direction of the team, champion on two occasions 2015 and 2018 as well as finalist in 2019 where they lost to Flamengo, the team of the red band is the best representative of the competitive Argentine soccer.

Rafael Santos Borré, one of River’s top scorers in the Copa Libertadores

On the other hand, Palmeiras (BRA) has been one of the best teams in the last editions of the cup, despite not having won the title since 1999, when they were crowned champions for the only time. They are always present in the decisive stages, competing until the end against their rivals, and this year they hope to take the definitive step towards the coveted final.

Maradona’s team versus Pelé’s team

A few months ago, the man who is considered to be the best soccer player in history, Diego Maradona, left earthly life. In his counterpart in the discussion of the throne, Pele appears, considered by many to be the best, However, as we know that comparisons are subjective and tied to context, it is difficult to decide who was better because these outstanding beings competed at different times and never faced each other. What we are certain of is that they are the very origin of modern soccer and their legacy is the inspiration of their soul teams, Boca Juniors (ARG) and Santos FC (BRA).

Eduardo Salvio y Sebastian Villa festejan el gol ante Racing (ARG) que los llevo a la semifinal.

Boca is looking for revenge and to recover the glory obtained at the dawn of the century, the importance of the blue and gold team for the current Libertadores Cup is absolute, this club managed to become the best in the world 20 years ago by defeating the powerful Real Madrid in an unforgettable world final, however, Far from those glory days, the last years of Boca have not been able to live up to their history, the last time they won it was in 2007 and since then they have accumulated two lost finals, the first one against Corinthians (BRA) in 2012 and the other one against their eternal rival River Plate (ARG) in the memorable 2018 final played in two continents, a historical fact from where the desire of a revenge for the Argentinean club was born.

Santos FC is Boca’s rival in the semifinal, a team that has been an honorable representative of Brazilian soccer’s talented display of good play, and has struggled to make it to the last Libertadores since its faraway title in 2011 under Neymar Jr, Since then, Santos has tirelessly sought a title in the cup without obtaining the desired end, and yet in this edition the coach Alexi Stival (known as Cuca) managed to put together a dynamic team of young talent that in each game shows its desire to get the cup, have been one of the best team of the current edition of the cup.

Without a doubt, the winners are the spectators who will have the possibility of enjoying soccer matches at the highest level, each fan will wear the colors of the team they love with enthusiasm to cheer until the end, the chroniclers and analysis will be endless and the results will be remembered for years to come.




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