Latin American band CIONICO releases ‘Diplomático’

Diplomático is a song that speaks of authenticity, of being a free person without masks.

CIONICO is a Latin American band based in the United States that mixes rock, electronic and ambient sounds to present a solid and innovative proposal through their songs. After their releases ‘Todo’ and ‘Roca y Coral’, Diego Scarpelli on vocals, Wade Torres on guitar and Oscar Balza on drums, backing vocals and programming come with ‘Diplomático’, a new single that will be included in their upcoming album ‘No hay espacio en el cielo’.

Diplomático’ is a song that speaks of authenticity, of being a free person without masks. It is a song that expresses honesty and aggressiveness under some chords of pure and raw rock and roll.

The song has several elements and styles within rock, 80’s Simmons drums, violent guitar solos and sequencers for loops that support the drums. The programming of the keyboards and effects had several mutations that gave a unique sound to ‘Diplomático’.

“It seeks in a roundabout way to confront the traitors and let them know that you know what they are made of,” the group comments.

Diplomático’ features a music video that shows the members of CIONICO in their purest and most real state. It features archival images and videos of the band playing at the Middle East in Boston before the confinement generated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Diplomático’ will be included in CIONICO’s new album called ‘No hay espacio en el cielo’, a work of twelve songs that will talk about the loss of loved ones and is expected to be released in the second half of 2021. It will be a dense album with dyes of darkness without losing the melodic character. In terms of sound, it will have rock, electronic and ambient influences.

CIONICO is a band that proposes an artistic and stylistic freedom in their musical creations. The intention of their proposal is to have no ties in their songs and not to be purists when it comes to finding the sound and stories in their compositions.

CIONICO’s messages are doors with different keys that open universes where love, lack of love, society, daily life, experiences, sex, among others, are the protagonists.


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