BlackMulatto Garage rock raw and visceral made in Colombia

The Colombian duo presents their EP ‘Dirty Songs’ an experimentation of retentive riffs with lyrics that address themes of fun, love, anger and anguish all open to individual interpretations.

BlackMulatto is a Colombian band formed in 2018 by Juan Carlos Jaramillo (drums) and Johnny Urrego (bass and vocals) with the aim of experimenting sounds, seeking the complementation of the two instruments and answering individual and collective sound questions.

To their musical forcefulness, this duo injects a dose of adrenaline that travels through different states of mind in their songs, expressing situations and experiences of its members.

‘Dirty Songs’ is their debut EP, an experimental work full of retentive riffs and constant dynamics. The lyrics deal with themes such as fun, love, anger and anguish, all open to individual interpretations.

In ‘Dirty Songs’ we mix personal themes and experiences with imaginary stories. Musically we look for a very dynamic percussion line with fills, silences and explosions of energy. On the bass we explore a diversity of effects, octaves, subs, whammys, overdrives and mixes experimenting with a whole range of sonorities.

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Dirty Songs’ was produced, recorded and mixed by Alejandro ‘Lelo’ Arango at Volta Studio. Mastering was in charge of Sebastián Lopera.

One of the singles from the EP is ‘Frío’, a strong song, a slap in the face. The song maintains a high feeling and talks about a heartbreak and the opportunity to return the coin.

BlackMulatto’s songs and sound are influenced by bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters and Royal Blood. Their musical proposal seeks to squeeze energy and adrenaline out of everyone who listens to them.

“It is important that people take the time to discover our musical proposal because it is a dynamic, experimental, creative and constantly evolving project,” concludes the band.

One of BlackMulatto’s plans for this year is to continue making music. The duo is already working on their next release ‘Sé que me odias’ with Andrés Sierra and Nicolás Parra from La Doble A with their studio Verne Producciones (@verneproduce).

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