Colombian singer-songwriter Jeremy King presents ‘Trema’

The revelation of urban music in Colombia launches ‘Trema’, a lively and cheerful song that invites you to dance and enjoy life.

After his successful musical debut with the single ‘Todo el mundo se enamora’, the Colombian urban music singer-songwriter Jeremy King, based in Canada, presents a new song to continue delighting all his followers.

It is ‘Trema’, a lively and cheerful song that invites you to dance and enjoy life. With this song, Jeremy King wants to show a more danceable side to his audience, demonstrating the multiple styles of his musical proposal.

Trema’ was born in a moment of relaxation where Jeremy King and his friends were sharing stories and life anecdotes. In that instant the word “Trema” came to his mind and he socialized it with his friends without thinking that they would all repeat it in chorus for several seconds turning it into a catchy chorus for his new release.

Trema’ is a word in Italian that, when translated into Spanish, means ‘Tremble’ or ‘Trembling’. It is worth remembering that, in his beginnings, Jeremy lived for several years in Vicenza, Italy, city where the Colombian singer perfected his Italian language.

Jeremy King is an urban, trap and reggaeton singer passionate about his profession, a role he has proudly played since he was 15 years old. The Colombian found in the urban genre the necessary inspiration and the best way to present to the world his voice, his compositions, his feelings and his talent.

Jeremy King is the new blood of reggaeton in Colombia and with his unique style he hopes to become one of the benchmarks of the genre in Latin America in the coming years.

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