White Noise speaks to the nation’s debtors in new song ‘Así paga el diablo’ (This is how the devil pays)

In the video the Colombian power punk band shows the debt that governments, the church and other entities have with the people.

White Noise is a power punk band from the city of Manizales, Colombia, active since 2005 and led by Jhon Higuita, leader and founder of the project. Their musical proposal has a rock base, however, travels through punk rock, grunge, metal and hardcore sounds in order to present an innovative and forceful proposal in each of their creations. The group formed by Jhon Higuita (vocals and guitar) Paulo Cesar Diaz (drums), Cristian Salazar (guitar), Sergio Castaño (bass) has in their songs influences of Pennywise, Nirvana, The Offspring, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and Rage Against The Machine, among others.

The lyrics of their songs deal with social, political and everyday issues, from personal experiences to current events that affect the environment in which their members live.

Así paga el diablo’ is the new release of White Noise, a song of double interpretation on a personal and social level with colloquial lyrics of Colombian culture and identity. On a sonic level, the song explores forceful and avant-garde sounds that go back to the best times of hardcore punk in our country.

The video for the song, included in his new album ‘Ahora o nunca’, brings to the scene the missing and famous ‘Chepitos’, who in the 80’s and 90’s were characterized by collecting and ridiculing delinquent debtors.

“In this way we show the debt that governments, the church and other entities have with the people,” the band mentions.

 Ahora o nunca’ , third studio album of the band from Manizales, is a fast, direct and a little heavier than the previous ones. Its songs speak of politics, friendship, love and anger. It is a maelstrom of stories and expressions that together with the musical atmosphere make it unique.

“With this third album we leave a message to act right now, to enjoy the present, every moment, and to realize that we are born and die every day – the opportunities are now!”, comments the band. “On ‘Now or Never’ we explore fast punk rock, metal and hardcore sounds passing through alternative landscapes with guitars that take us back to the best years of Black Sabbath and the solidity of Helmet”, he adds.

White Noise is a project that maintains the essence and legacy of rock in Colombia. It is that band in which you can hear riffs that make you fall in love with rock, it is that band that you haven’t heard for a long time, it is that band that will make you recover your sense of wonder when listening to their music and seeing us live.

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