Colombian Rock band LAPM presents its new album ‘Laberinto’

Laberinto is a work that condenses 20 years of experiences of its members. The album addresses themes such as resentment, grief, anger, sadness, humility, contemplation, gratitude, hope and determination.

LAPM is a Colombian punk rock band born in Bogota in 1997 with the purpose of creating a proposal with influences from the Californian style of groups like Bad Religion, NOFX and Face to Face and musical trends of nu metal, hardcore and pop.

Energy, speed and forcefulness are the elements that describe the project formed by Juan Felipe Cabrera (vocals), Camilo Forero (drums), Camilo Arbeláez (guitar), Juan Antonio Rivas (bass) and Mauricio Gómez (guitar and vocals).

“In our lyrics we seek to make catharsis around everyday feelings. We talk about frustration, resentment, loneliness, gratitude, confusion, friendship, grief, anger, sadness, pain, contemplation, humility, hope and determination. We are a channel for those who listen to us to externalize what they feel.”

says Juan Felipe.

Laberinto’, the second album in the history of LAPM, is a work that condenses 20 years of experiences of its members since they released their debut album ‘Buscando Problemas’.

“It is a reflection of the emotions we have lived through during all these years in which we grew up, entered the working world and started families,” adds Camilo Forero.

“Laberinto’ is made with the highest quality standards for independent rock in Colombia. LAPM wants to show the positive passage of time and for this reason they incorporated in the process a producer of trajectory and mastered the album in The Blasting Room (studio founded by the drummer of Descendents and through which bands like NOFX and Rise Against have passed). Likewise, the theme and sound of the album reflects the fact that punk rock is not dead”, says Camilo Arbeláez.

LAPM’s new album retains the energy of 20 years ago, but tones it down with heavier sounds along with more elaborate scales and harmonies. It has influences from bands like Strung Out, Bodyjar, Face to Face, Deftones, The Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam and Biffy Clyro.

“In our own musical labyrinth everything we have listened to over the years from genres like hardcore, metal, pop, indie, has had a place and is reflected in songs like ‘Imperfect’, ‘Son of your streets’ or ‘Polaroid’ where we moved away from our traditional sound.”

says Juan Antonio.

‘Imperfecto’ is the single that accompanies the release of ‘Laberinto’, it is a song with an indie rock sound. In its lyrics it mixes ‘Impostor Syndrome’ with gratitude and self-acceptance. It was composed before the birth of the son of one of the band members and, in the end, it is a tribute to the love for family and children.

Another of the previously released singles is ‘Polaroid’, a song marked by the influence of grunge, the genre with which the band began its musical formation. The song was born after a strong argument that was not solved at the time. Its lyrics talk about resentment, death and longing. The video focuses on the latter, longing and remembering. That is why it is a series of photos of all ages of the band members.

‘Nunca tuve la razón’ (I was never right), LAPM’s debut single of this stage, was born after the Peace Accord Referendum won the NO. The song is against the polarization and dogma that occurs outside, but also affects interpersonal relationships. The video includes live images of the band. In this way it sought to show the current lineup.

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