Colombian alternative rock band Invers debuts with ‘Velas’

Invers is an alternative rock band formed in Bogota in 2018 under the premise of making different, fresh music and offering an innovative sound. The group formed by Santiago Méndez (vocalist), Josué López (guitarist), David Lozano (drummer) and Nicolás Pineda (bassist) has in its proposal influences from genres such as post-hardcore, alternative rock, metalcore, progressive rock, trap and electronic music.

“We want people who listen to Invers to realize that rock in Colombia has changed and doesn’t sound the same as it did a decade ago,” says the band.

‘Velas’ is his debut release, a song that talks about a disastrous love relationship in which episodes lived after the breakup are captured. It is a metaphor of how to carry out a process of resilience despite the circumstances, making the comparison of how a candle is definitely extinguished and fulfills its cycle; leaving an aroma transformed into memories that mark each person and fills them with teachings that become part of the path with the purpose of guiding oneself to a better place.

It is a sonic catharsis where the band bets on a post-hardcore sound mixed with the power of alternative rock, giving support with emotive synthesizers to a lyric full of melancholy.

The concept video of ‘Velas’ reflects the melancholy and catharsis that the song wants to transmit, going through an alternation of black and white with warm tones and a vintage aesthetic. The hand with the candle reveals how the memories of a person are lit after a love breakup, however, the reflection of this person is still there and reaches out to touch the present of this person leaving sequels in their daily lives. Finally, the hand distances itself at the end of the video to show two hands that, no matter how close they are, will never touch each other.

“With this song we seek that people who have experienced strong breakups (not necessarily love), feel identified and light their candles with us. Also, that they generate in their lives a new cycle without forgetting their past but enriching themselves with it in order to leave the aroma of the past candles as a valuable teaching.”

adds the band

Velas’ will be part of Invers’ first EP, a work of five songs that will be an introspective journey through the memories of each member captured in metaphors that can be evidenced within the music, lyrics and concept of each of them. This production will seek to reinvent, through musical mixtures, the sound of rock bands in Colombia.

Our music is ideal to listen to at night and in the early morning. Also in melancholic or emotionally strong situations where feelings such as love or sadness are present”, mentions the group.

Invers is an exploration of sounds that is not afraid to take risks. Those who listen to this project will have the opportunity to hear a new and different proposal.

“Once they hear our music, people will have to listen to it again because they won’t know whether to love or hate the songs, but our songs will definitely not go unnoticed,” the group concludes.

@juanse-contreras Source: Diego Armando Baez

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