CARPEDIEM – Champion in the Red Bull Batalla Colombia

In a fantastic night CARPEDIEM MC was crowned champion of the Red Bull Batalla Colombia 2023 national finals and will represent all Colombian MCs in the international finals to be held on December 2 at the Movistar Arena in the city of Bogota.

Freestyle took over the evening

As the night progressed, the best MCs of Colombia demonstrated all their talent, 16 representatives of Freestyle, began with all the strength of their voices to find the champion, lyrics and rhymes full of passion overflowed the stage of the Ivan de Bedout Coliseum in Medellin.

Sentence by sentence the round of 16 and quarter matches were completed where the 3 favorites finally did not stay on the road and reached the semifinals, Valles – T, Marithea and Carpediem, accompanying these legends the surprise of the night was given by Fat N, a 17 year old who stole all the applause of the night.

¿Quien CARPEDIEM el campeón

In his debut year in Red Bull, in 2018, he won the regional championship in Bogota, his hometown, and finished national runner-up. The following year, he won his first national Red Bull Batalla title and represented Colombia at the International Final in Spain. Despite falling in the first round against the one who was to be proclaimed international champion, he left one of the minutes of the history of the competition, becoming praised by great musical experts such as Bzrp himself.

He is currently 29 years old and is noted for his great fluidity and use of techniques. Some call him the podium man, as in all the nationals he has participated in he has managed to be in the top three: runner-up (2018) champion (2019) runner-up (2020) third place (2021) champion (2022) and his current championship in 2023.

Many talk, few rhyme, only the best improvise

Red Bull Batalla is an improvisational rap competition that since 2005 has provided a platform for the development of the best improvisers in Spanish-speaking hip hop. In recent years, it has become the most relevant international improvisation battle event that unites the countries of Latin America and Spain.

Colombia to host the Red Bull Battle 2023 International Final

It’s official! After 17 years, Colombia will once again host the largest Spanish-speaking improvised rap competition in the world, Red Bull Batalla. This will be the second time that Colombia will host an International Final of Red Bull Batalla, after hosting it in 2006 at the San Miguel chicken club.

The place, Movistar Arena


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