From Los Angeles, the duo Deep AL Brindle presents ‘I.H.Y.’ and ‘Walking On A Dream’.

The main message of the Los Angeles duo is to have freedom and a positive attitude when creating, with friendship as the main basis of their proposal.

Deep AL Brindle is an electronic music duo from Los Angeles, United States. After exploring and playing songs for countless hours until they found a mature sound, Alastair Wilson and Diego Castellanos decided in 2019 to give life to this project by releasing their first single ‘CTRL V’. Their success was such, that after releasing two more singles, they were signed by Tooth & Nail Records label releasing their debut EP ‘No Rush, No Curfew’ in the summer of 2021 and their second work ‘Late Night, Early Morning’ this 2023.

Sumantra is: “Friends first, bandmates second”, a battle phrase that rescues the value of friendship over professional success.

Deep AL Brindle has no other idea than to create and do what they feel at the moment of experimenting. The honesty of the songs and the audiovisual quality of the videos are part of the personal seal of their proposal”, says the group.

“The intention of our musical proposal seeks to move people, create inexplicable emotions in the audience and generate unique experiences through our sounds and creations.”

Comments the band

‘I.H.Y.’, is his most recent release, a song of his authorship. Its meaning is very subjective, however, it talks about how great it is to unite with a partner. The achievements, challenges and heartaches that come along the way, but still you keep choosing that person.

The song explores vintage sounds like many of Deep AL Brindle’s songs, as they use a lot of 80’s synths evoking a retro feeling. I.H.Y.’ belongs to the EP ‘Late Night, Early Morning’ released this 2023.

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