Mick Schumacher, is crowned champion of the Formula 2 – 2020

Mick Schumacher is crowned champion of Formula 2, putting his famous name back on the top of a car racing podium. With this title, he will be a force to be reckoned with next season in Formula 1, where he has a guaranteed place in the Haas team for 2021.

The 6th of December 2020 will be remembered as a historical day for the Schumacher family, Mick the heir of the mythical Michael raises his arms to win his first big title as a driver, however, the last competition in Sakhir (Bahrain) will not be the best memory for the young German driver.

He started the last race set to 34 laps, mick started in the position with his aggressive style typical of great drivers on lap four marked a remarkable maneuver to overcome Drugovich in second place, unfortunately for the German the maneuver wore out his tire in a drastic way, so much so that he lost pace as the race progressed.

To be honest I do not know what happened there was a lot of wind in turn 4 brake very fast, I suffered all the race to keep the tires, they disappeared and I was afraid to enter pits but the best thing was to finish, the best thing was to go ahead and wait for the final result.

Mick Schumacher

Losing rhythm, he looked in the mirrors at his only rival for the title, the British Callum Illot, an outstanding driver who also takes firm steps to become one of the references in the next years of the maximum categories of motoring; defending with all his title, Mick managed to contain Illot for 17 laps, a maneuver that was vital to get the championship.

Prema, Mick’s Ferrari Academy team, made the right decision and called Mick to the pits to change the worn out hard tires for a new set of soft tires, a move that would put him at the end of the pack but assured him to go for an extra point in the tournament to get the fastest lap in competition.

I am grateful I have no words I owe everything to these guys have given me everything

Says Mick from the Prema team

After trying to overtake Schumacher for 17 laps Calum Illot lost pace and was overtaken lap by lap by his pursuers the first to overtake was Yuki Tsunoda, this transfer from the Japanese to the British driver will surely give Mick the title as Formula 2 2020 champion.

I can not tell you the importance of this title, now for my arrival to the Formula 1 the only thing I can say is that I am very happy and I thank the team, I love them very much, I love them, they gave me a lot of sacrifice and hard work, the season was very difficult even to make decisions

Mick Schumacher

In an exciting season of Formula 2 where the result was never predictable, like what is currently happening in Formula 1 where we already know who will be the winner thanks to the power of Mercedez; The tournament was beautifully unpredictable never a driver repeated victories in two races in a row which was a beautiful tribute to the essence of motorsport have the same quality of the car and demonstrate the skills of the driver.

The category has a great quality of drivers all pushed me to give everything to get this championship from Robert Schwartzman to Calum Illot made us push with everything along with my team to achieve this championship.

Mick Schumacher

Mick will give a shine to the 2021 season of Formula 1, because all the fans of this category since years ago want to return to the road where a single team is not so dominant and that every weekend they compete thoroughly to see memorable competitions and not the monotonous races of today.