Apache and JL Mafia team up to release ‘Only You Baby’

The Venezuelan artist and the Colombian singer make a call to live love freely in a song that fuses Latin rap and dancehall.

In the midst of difficult times for the whole world due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Venezuelan rapper Apache and Colombian singer JL Mafia have been working on new songs and restructuring alliances that will allow them to continue breaking boundaries.

Only You Baby’ is the new song from these two great artists. Apache and JL Mafia join forces and talent to present a Latin rap song fused with Jamaican rhythms such as dancehall. The message of the single is strong, expressing that love goes beyond names, sex or color. It is a call to live love freely.

“The song possesses a versatility in songwriting, it has very good melodic lines and a forceful rapping,” describes JL Mafia. “You can listen to it at any time of the day when you are happy, in love or sad. It has a very nice energy, it’s romantic and versatile at the same time,” he adds.

Only You Baby’ is accompanied by a majestic video shot in New Jersey and Medellin under the direction of American filmmaker Astron Cambell. The clip tells the story of two women who live their love to the extreme, freely and without prejudice.

For JL Mafia to have shared a song with Apache “is a great experience to work with one of the most important rappers in Latin America. It is an honor to be able to share with him and exchange ideas, mix, make magic and generate a unique energy in ‘Only You Baby'”.

Among JL Mafia’s plans for 2021 is to continue making music and telling stories through his songs and videos.

“I have more than 20 songs and I want to be releasing singles often to stay current with the media and my followers. I’m working so that the videos I publish have a cinematic story to tell,” concludes the Colombian.

JL Mafia and Apache believe that 2021 will be a very productive year for the music industry, that we must continue to look for opportunities to continue growing and hope that sooner rather than later concerts and festivals will return so they can reconnect with their audience.




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