La Destronchadora Banda Lemon Kusch releases ‘Te hace falta’ with Fidel Nadal

Te hace falta is a song that highlights the love for the neighborhood, the party and the dance. It has typical cumbia villera and cumbia rebajada sounds accompanied by reggae and rap lyrics.

Te hace falta’ has typical sounds of cumbia villera and cumbia rebajada accompanied by a reggae and rap lyric. The song reflects the musical identity of the Mexicans and the Argentinean. The song will be included in their debut EP titled ‘4:20’ which is expected to be released in the coming months.

“We met Fidel Nadal at an autograph signing in Mexico in November 2020 and we contacted him to present him the song to see if he liked it and wanted to join in collaboration with us. In the end, he liked it and we brought ‘Te hace falta’ to life,” they emphasize.

The music of La Destronchadora Banda Lemon Kusch is made to have a good time, to have a good attitude towards life and to dance from beginning to end with lots of positive energy.

“La Destronchadora Banda Lemon Kusch is a project that day by day discovers the universe of cumbia and music in Mexico and Latin America. We promote the cultural roots inside and outside our country of origin and we work with our hearts and all the love in the world for this art that we love and respect so much”, they conclude.

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