Experienced Colombian musician Hans J. Vollert presents his solo project Kedusha

Adam’ and ‘Kedusha’ are the cover letter of this experimental rock band that seeks to sensitize people to somehow resonate with connecting through art.

Kedusha is an instrumental rock band

Hans J. Vollert, former member of the band V For Volume, guest bassist in projects such as Ultrágeno, Koyi K Utho, Marc Rizzo and guest guitarist for Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy and Il Nino, among many others. Kedusha’s music is born from the ‘exile’ in the midst of the confinement of a pandemic and allows, in moments of complete uncertainty, opposing forces to manifest themselves, but at the same time balance the individual.

“I decided to start composing material that served as catharsis, primarily, exploring different ways of feeling the music, not only through bass, but guitar and sequence programming. It wasn’t until session drummer Juan Montaña did his work, from composing drums for Kedusha’s music, that we decided to go into the studio and bring these songs to light, as we felt connected through our music even though we were complete strangers.”

says Hans J. Vollert

Hans J. Vollert is a Colombian bass player with more than 25 years of experience in the Colombian rock scene. Throughout this time he has been interested in developing all the aspects that make him a human being before being a musician. That is why he is also dedicated to teaching and studying a methodology that strengthens his spirituality and the desire to connect with others. From the latter, he seeks inspiration for his songs.

The intention behind Kedusha’s music is to let people know that, in a world of interconnectedness, man’s selfish nature generates chaos.

“The only way to overcome the crises we live is through a correct interaction between all of us, recognizing others as an essential part of our existence above any differences, treating each other in an interconnected way, as do the cells of an organism that, although they reside in different organs and whose functions are different, serve a single system. We are nothing different from this, we just don’t understand it, but it is clearly explained to us by the science of Kabbalah,” emphasizes the musician.

With its songs, this instrumental music project seeks to make people feel and perceive some kind of sensation that puts them in contact with their most real part so that, from it, they can connect in a more real way with others. The idea is to make people “feel” instinctively with melodies and not to give instructions from lyrics.

His first single ‘Adam’ is the collective soul of the human being. There we are perfect, equal and governed by love; adherence to nature and its forces. We are only receivers of light and it is only received by putting ourselves above our selfish nature and, therefore, we need to position ourselves in a place where we have perspective, that is, above our hatred; on a mountain. It has influences of post rock, post metal, ambient and any expression where there is no room for any other form other than creating from within the being, not the musician.

These two songs will be included in Kedusha’s debut album titled ‘Songs of Attainment’ which will be released with its respective audiovisual piece in 2022 and will have 10 songs, as ten are the sephirae of the tree of life.

“The visual resource, which is on behalf of ‘Passenger’, helps us to reflect more intensely our proposal. Each song is the reflection of a state with respect to the goal of adhesion and obtaining the bestowal above our condition of reception (selfishness). That is why some songs are more subtle or stronger than others. This year we will release six songs and in 2022 we will release four songs. This material is very much related to what we as humanity should live.”

says Vollert

Kedusha music is ideal to listen to when people feel or seek peace, even when they feel anger and tension. When they feel a desire to disconnect, but seek a sense of hope for what it means to be Human. To wish the best to a loved one, but especially to an enemy.

“At this stage of our evolution as a superior species, we must understand that the only ones who do not understand what we do and why we are here are us. Kedusha invites the work of introspection and connection with the only real thing in each one of us and with that which is ours but inhabits others. Just look around and a moment of artistic sterility, we need to explore ourselves and capture everything that elevates us and resembles our potential,” concludes Hans J. Vollert.

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