Latin American indie rock band Neema presents its debut album ‘Yei’

Yei’ is an evolutionary journey that intertwines stories of love, heartbreak and the search for inner balance. It is a concept album in which each of its songs complements each other.

The Latin American indie rock band Neema presents their first album ‘Yei’, a work of eight songs that intertwine telling a story that goes from melancholy to joy.

‘Yei’ is an expression that sums up the album in an emotion, a deep meaning, yet simple at the same time, that we all at some point use to describe joy.

The beginning of this musical adventure of the band formed by José Daniel, Lito, Sara and Josías was with ‘Candy’, a song that, from its emotional bipolarity, takes us to a moment that invites us to dance through its sad and nostalgic lyrics.

“‘Yei’ represents happiness and color for being an album in which we explore our essence as we have gone through ups and downs to reach this first goal. It is a production that will always accompany us and our gratitude towards it will be eternal.”

Says the band

The singles on the album explore those feelings that deafen reason and desperately search for an explanation that land in a musical sensation in each one. The works that are part of this sound effect are: ‘Tus Ojos’, ‘La Nave’, ‘Predilecto’, ‘Andrea’, ‘Algo Más’ ‘Para Dos’, ‘Candy’ and ‘Yei’.

Neema is a multicultural indie rock band based in Panama and formed in 2014 by José Lito Sousa (Belize), Josías Ocampo (Venezuela) and siblings José Daniel and Sara Cornejo (Panama).

In addition to the album, Neema presents the video for their single ‘Yei’. It is the final bustle of a stage of internal alteration that sees the light after this bifurcated carousel of feelings embodied in a cheerful melody that mixes classic rock and roll sounds with an indie sound marked by synthesizers in a production that is as personal as the lyrics.

The clip is inspired by the whole album, the natural arrival of some friends to port from an internal voyage and the journey that is referenced throughout the songs. The video was filmed in the mythical town of Portobelo in the city of Colon in Panama and was produced by Press & Music.

The composition of the album was under the lyrics of vocalist José Daniel Cornejo, while the musical arrangements were made by guitarist José Lito Lisbey. The album was recorded at Echo Studios with Dominique Moreno as music producer and mastered in Bolivia at Lado B Mastering with Marcelo Navia.

The group’s name came from a trip that the vocalist, José Daniel, made to the African continent where the villagers nicknamed him ‘Neema’, which means Blessing and Grace.

Yei’ is an evolutionary journey that intertwines stories of love, heartbreak and the search for inner balance. It is a conceptual album in which its songs complement each other, one depends on the other to make sense and all of them tell, through the graphic line, with a very subtle visual experience, the messages of each single.

“‘Yei’ are our dreams manifested, it is our personal and musical process reflected in each of the songs that are part of this album.”

adds the band.

In the coming weeks, Neema will be participating in two Mexican festivals, Festival Conecta and Sound On Sunrise.




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