Max Verstappen wins the Italian Grand Prix -Emilia Romagna

Max Verstappen wins a thrilling Emilia Romagna GP in Italy, with this victory the Dutch driver is one point away from the Formula 1 lead.

Formula 1 2021 started in the best way, after two races Red Bull is proving that it is ready to compete second by second with the powerful Mercedes cars, supported by the talent of Verstappen gave two great shows in the two races of the championship so far.

Verstappen overtaking Hamilton at the start of the race

Italy and rain supported Red Bull’s strategy

On a gray day on the track the weather conditions forced the teams to change strategies before starting the race, most were expecting to start with used medium tires but the rain factor forced them to use the special greens for rainy conditions, with these conditions the competition became an even duel because in the rain what imposes conditions is the quality of the driver and not so much the difference between the cars.

It’s hard work but we are working very well since Bahrain to make the best starts.

Verstappen said at the end of the race

A masterful start for Max Verstappen saw him overtake Hamilton and Checo Perez in the first corner of the race to take the lead, the first few laps giving the Red Bull car a consistent pace to take a 3-second lead over the British driver.

Yellow flags were the judges of the race

The first yellow flag was caused by Latifi who in a bad maneuver crashed into the safety barriers that are on the side of the track, this reduced the gap between max and his pursuers as the entry of the Safety Car was mandatory, however, in a smart decision the race directors, determined to relaunch the race on the fly without harming the positions of the drivers, max kept the difference.

Already in the middle of the race an unprecedented event predicted the worst for Mercedes, Hamilton in his eagerness to catch up with Red Bull went off the track losing valuable seconds, however, the champion’s luck is always with him and due to an accident caused by George Russell the red flag marked the preventive stop of the competition which favors Lewis’ intentions to continue competing for the victory.

Young people demonstrating all their talent

Once the race resumed Lewis with his powerful Mercedes logically climbed positions until he reached fifth place behind the youngsters that give shine to the competition Lando Norris, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr were his last obstacles to victory, this situation greatly favored Red Bull as it was a barrier that Hamilton had to overcome in the last 20 laps, giving an advantage of 12 seconds to Verstappen.

We are doing things well, it is a very long season, we will go step by step to achieve the best results.

Verstappen said.

The driver of the day title went to Lando Norris, who every week demonstrates his magnificent evolution as an F1 driver, being Lando the last rival of Lewis, he fought him until three laps to go, which sealed the victory for the Red Bull team.

With this victory Max Verstappen gets his 11th victory in his Formula 1 record, all the fans and followers of the maximum competition of motor racing hope that the tournament continues in this way as this renews the interest and expectations for each Grand Prix to be held in 2021, the next meeting will be on April 30 in Portugal.


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