Comic Con Colombia 2021 still awaiting confirmation

Comic Con Colombia is waiting to be held in person at Corferias, in communication published by the organizers in their official media it was reported that this year the goal is to be held in person, however we must wait how the spread of the virus behaves in the country since Colombia closed April 2021 in the world ranking of countries with the highest number of infections, additionally the difficult economic situation may be the biggest obstacle to the realization of the event.

The most prudent course of action is to postpone the event to the end of the year.

With the slogan on social networks “Soon #ComicConColombia will be back! The first tentative date was given in which the event could officially be held from July 2 to 5, 2021. But currently without the certainty that the local mayor’s office will enable the closed spaces for the gathering of so many people understanding that it is visited by thousands of people due to the large number of commercial areas available, it is an event that does not fall within the priorities of the city government.

When it was confirmed in February of this year the realization of Comic Con Colombia was good news for lovers of art, comics, pop culture and the entertainment industry in the city because the 2020 version was canceled because of the pandemic; A good alternative is to take the example of the organizers of the San Diego Comic Con who in early March announced for 2021 a worldwide virtual event between 23 and 25 July and a special edition in person for the month of November.

Priority is given to safe and sustainable reactivation

The Secretariat of Culture, Recreation and Sports is moving forward with the safe and sustainable reactivation of the sector, which includes facilities and infrastructure such as theaters and concert halls. These spaces include Corferias as a convention center.

Therefore, together with the Ministry of Health, MinSalud, MinCultura and in coordination with the Air Quality Research Group of the National University of Colombia, measurements are being taken to determine the conditions for improving indoor air quality in the city’s cultural infrastructure; until the results of these studies are available, it is not possible to determine an exact date for the use of closed spaces.

“Our priority is the safe and sustainable reactivation of our sector, we want to contribute to the qualification of public policy decisions, through knowledge and method. Since the pandemic began, cultural facilities have remained closed or with very restricted openings as a way to contain the spread of the coronavirus and we hope to take a step forward for a safe and sustainable reactivation.”

Said Nicolás Montero, Secretary of Culture, Recreation and Sports of Bogotá.

Comic Con Colombia is important for the economic development of the city’s culture

Since 2018 the Colombian version of the Comic Con has been held, the convention has become one of the most important in Latin America gathering every year thousands of attendees of all ages who want to live closely the experience of pop culture and entertainment in virtually all genres, such as horror, western animation, anime, manga, toys, collectible card games, video games, webcomics and fantasy novels.

It became an important axis in the economic support of people who sell products and services related to Geek culture, which is currently one of the most profitable industries of entertainment, as Corferias is a large space, it offers businessmen profitable commercial areas, which becomes an economic support that was absent last year.

“Comic Con is the space for them to come and be whoever they want to be, they can dress up as their favorite character, it’s an amazing experience because you interact with a lot of cosplays, movies, comics it’s a great experience.”

Said Daniel Sanchez Cosplay and Comic Con 2018 attendee

In previous years important guests such as Nathalie Emmanuel (Fast & Forious, Game of Thrones) or Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones) attended the event. As a journalistic media we had the opportunity to participate in the coverage of the event held in 2018, watch our video 

It only remains to wait how the cultural proposals that are being proposed by both the national and local governments for the reactivation of cultural activities in 2021, an industry that has become one of the pillars that support the citizens of Bogota, will progress.

@wil-walteros Citilennial Sources Medios: Comic Con Colombia Oficial, Alcaldia Bogotá

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