“Guardians of the Turtles: Three Conservation Stories to Save Them from Extinction”

The arduous work of families, park rangers, and indigenous communities is yielding positive results in turtle conservation in Mexico and Ecuador. Populations of giant, river, and sea turtle species are successfully recovering. Here we tell you what they have achieved.

México: el emprendimiento de una familia de pescadores que ayuda a conservar las tortugas marinas

Misael Sarabia, member of the EcoTourtugas team, fisherman, and expert in the San Ignacio Lagoon area and sea turtle capture techniques. Photo: Carlos Aguilera / EcoTourtugas

The Burgoín Ceja family, from the rural community of El Cardón, established an ecotourism company for the scientific monitoring of sea turtles in Mexico. Through their efforts, they have contributed to the study of over a thousand sea turtles in the San Ignacio Lagoon. Lee más aquí

Ecuador: 500 tortugas gigantes fueron reintroducidas a su hábitat natural en Galápagos

The turtles are reintroduced when they reach ages of 4 to 8 years old. Photo: Galápagos Conservancy, Galápagos National Park, and MAATE.

In Ecuador, park rangers and conservationists joined forces to save giant tortoises from extinction. In 2023 and 2024, they successfully reintroduced 563 of these reptiles to their natural habitats in the Galápagos Islands. How did they achieve this? Lee más aquí

La exitosa misión del pueblo indígena Cofán para salvar a las tortugas de río en Ecuador

Hatchlings of charapa turtles (Podocnemis unifilis) released into the Aguarico River in Ecuador. Photo: María José Torres / WWF Ecuador

Thirty years ago, the Cofán indigenous people decided to commit to the conservation of river turtles within the Cuyabeno Wildlife Production Reserve. They have succeeded in the hatching of over 100 thousand charapa turtles. Lee más aquí

Main Image: The turtles are herbivores and are reintroduced to areas of the islands with high food availability. Photo: Galápagos Conservancy, Galápagos National Park, and MAATE.

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