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Holi hai festival Bogotá


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Holi hai festival NYC

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SATURDAY, MAY 12, 2018. The Holi Hai Festival will be held in New York (USA)! At Citilennial we tell you all the necessary information so you can enjoy this colorful event.

It is not easy to adopt and understand foreign traditions that are not typical of your country, because many of them consist of practicing rites elaborated and perfected from generation to generation, why do we call them rites ?, because the rites are ceremonial acts repeated invariably by each culture.

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Throughout India, the arrival of spring with the Holi is celebrated! an era that is synonymous with joy and good omen for the first harvests of the year. One of the traditions prior to Holi is to throw a spike into the fire as an offering to the deities that will protect the fruits and this takes place just the day before the celebration.

However, the Holi was not only created to celebrate a season of the year, also, the followers of Hinduism take advantage of this day of joy to make the odd mischief. Dressing in white symbol of purity, but we warn that you will be stained by an explosion of multicolored powders on your body, so that your eyes put all your emotions to the surface and the very allegory of living bring your mind to a state of joy .


New York City: SATURDAY, MAY 12TH 2018, more info here


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