Last Friday, March 16 Marvel Studios released worldwide the second trailer preview of the sensational film Avengers Infinity War, less than a month of its release will have exciting data to get emotionally charged to the theater.

Fact # One
The original series of comics called Infinity War was published in June 1992, for the first stage six numbers, featuring Thanos and Magus villains and Adam Warlock as leader vengadores published.

The Infinity War No 1
The Infinity War No 1, Published: June 10, 1992 Added to Marvel Unlimited: November 13, 2007 Writer: Jim Starlin Penciller: Ron Lim Cover Artist: Ron Lim

Fact # Two

Since we first saw the avengers (2012) on the movie screen, the big fans of the comics were curious as to where the meeting of the most representative heroes of Marvel would come, the doubts dissipated when in the post-awards scene Avengers (2012) Thanos breaks the silence with a big smile, when one of his subjects says “Defy them would be courting death”, the movie Avengers Infinity War was confirmed after many rumors, in October 2014 Marvel announced the date of official premiere of the film, April 27, 2018, which was far that April 2012, here we can apply the phrase that says, How time flies when we are having fun


Fact # Three

The great success of Marvel Studios is not only due to the excellent CGI animation effects of the English Computer-generated imagery, used in many of the scenes of the films made so far; inevitable to stop using them because they give sound and life to the onomatopoeia of the comics; The magnificent result they have obtained is also due to the fact that they have given argument arcs to such everyday issues as that of transmutation as a person.

To get an arms and war entrepreneur to become a protector of the earth, to get a soldier to become a spy for an organization of which he is an enemy and then to enter into an internal conflict for the struggle of his own ideals to save to his best friend, that a subject come from space to fall in love with a human, that a doctor qualified in neurosurgery destroys all his paradigms and discovers a practice beyond the material or simply a man fighting for his nation unable to erase the errors of their ancestors, learning that the best and worst acts of nations have been committed with the best intentions.

All this humanity makes all the spectators feel identified, because before showing themselves as superheroes they showed themselves as vulnerable beings, whose personality constructions are due to all the good and bad events, mistakes and successes experienced during the development of their own lives. In short, we highlight in one sentence all this humanity of which we speak: “I prefer to throw myself off the boat as my ancestors did to live as a slave all my life”, film, Black Panther, a direct allegory of the slavery lived by minorities in the world for many centuries.


We share the trailer we most like to date



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