Dominic Thiem wins a wonderful US Open 2020.

Dominic Thiem wins the 2020 US Open, in an exciting five-set match the Austrian player makes history by being the first to win after the marked hegemony of the big three (Federer, Nadal and Djokovic).

History marks the beginning of a new decade, this sporting year is unparalleled with what has been experienced in previous years, the previous Us Open began with the novelty of the absence of Roger through injury (he will not play in 2020), and Rafael Nadal who for personal reasons decided not to travel to the United States to play the tournament, only Djokovic was left and the predictions that he would win the tournament easily, however fate played a bad trick on him.

The worst enemy of the number one in this restart of tennis was his own behavior that led him to the elimination by expulsion in a move that will never be forgotten, without Novak in competition the young figures that are profiled to be the replacement of the 3 titans, glimpsed a unique opportunity to raise a Grand Slam trophy for the first time.

Alexander Zverev “Sacha” was the first chosen to take his game to the finals, with his excellent talent he fought ball by ball to fulfill this challenge, in the quarterfinals he displayed a perfect game to eliminate the young Croatian Borna Coric; Already in the semifinals the talented Spanish Carreño Busta gave him a great fight and took him to the fifth set where his delivery on the court led him to victory, the last ball of the game was in his favor to reach the final.

Dominic Thiem was chosen as the tournament’s runner-up many put high expectations on the Austrian player, with a less demanding qualifying table than his opponent in the final, he won his quarter-final and semi-final matches at only 3 sets each, however, his negative record in Us Open finals (3 plays 3 losses) put weight on the frame of his rackets.

The day of the final arrived and friends became the perfect opponents, with much strength Zverev was confident in his shots and solid in his serves without much effort he won with a 6 – 2 the first set, the second started with the same dynamic the young German imposing his game, but with a difference Thiem showed his desire to overcome the 2-set advantage against.

“We started to meet in 2014 and immediately began to develop a great friendship … and then a great rivalry,” “We have made great things happen on and off the court. It’s amazing how far our journey has taken us to share this moment. I wish we could have two winners today. We both deserved it.”

Said Thiem.

They say that luck is on the side of those who fight hard regardless of adversity, but Thiem’s background showed him as a player who lost his momentum in the finals, he looked for a way to reverse this situation and was guided by Nicolas Massu, a Chilean extension player who was Olympic tennis champion in Athens 2004, Massu discovered that Thiem’s problem was in the way his mood weakened when he felt at a disadvantage, he began to strengthen his game from his mental strength.

This mental strength didn’t let him give up in the final of the 2020 Us Open, on the contrary, it was his best weapon against Zverev who was surprised to feel that despite his advantage Dominic was starting to light his flame, Thiem’s incandescent light blinded Alexander and opened the way to come back from the match and draw 2 -2 until he took it to the final fifth set.

The fifth set was an exciting battle that began with an advantage for thiem breaking Zverev’s set, we all thought that the victory would come quickly, suddenly, the young German player recovered the break and tied the series, set by set the two deployed their best game, the fatigue reached them both the only thing left was to take refuge in their respective serves to get the championship, zverev and thiem lost their last serves the result, the unforgettable Us Open would be defined by a tie break.

Suddenly luck was on the side of Sverev who broke the first set of serves to take a 2 – 0 lead, but the pressure got to him and he failed his serve games suddenly his most powerful weapon was weakened, Dominic took his chance and took the advantage necessary to be crowned champion of the Us Open and make history in a sport that is proving that the generational renewal that is perceived on the horizon, will give a sublime and glorious shine to the future of this beautiful sport.