Tadej Pogacar, wins the memorable Tour de France 2020.

The Tour de France 2020 is the most memorable cycling event of the modern era of world sport. In an exciting chrono-climbing event, Tadej Pogacar is crowned the most outstanding young champion in history. 

Since the beginning of the competition the stage 20 is highlighted with capital letters in the route of the competition, all teams and riders had to work during the previous weeks to achieve a difference that would allow them to compete in the definition by chronometer arranged for a route of 36.2 km.

My only dream was to participate in the tour and look now I’m here on the podium, tomorrow is the last stage and I can’t believe it.

interview to Tadej Pogacar

The cyclists specialized in the ascent of the mountain stages understood that this year the challenge was greater, because the probabilities of achieving the title were totally reduced to what they could achieve in the climbs before facing a stage that gave the previous favoritism to two competitors in particular, friends and countrymen, the Slovenians Primoz Roglic and Tadej Pogacar.

The predictions of the experts were completely correct, Roglic from the beginning showed himself to be a protagonist under the construction of an absolutely winning team, the Jumbo Visma, he took the reins of the competition from day one, all working with the objective of crowning Primoz as the champion of the Tour; On the contrary, for Pogacar the route from the beginning was more complicated, his team is not one of the most important to lead the competition, if they wanted to bet on a victory they had to work in a more strategic way. 

It was me and my entire team on the road following the references, every detail every advance we had studied, I congratulate them in the end gave me the moral boost to reach the end.

interview to Tadej Pogacar

In one of the initial stages everything was against Pogacar lost almost 2 minutes with headwinds because he did not manage to position himself behind a wheel that would protect him from the strong breeze, instead for Roglic everything was more in favor and he managed to position himself early on in the first place and lead the course.

The devastating work of the Jumbo was efficient in defeating rivals as the kilometers in competition advanced, the first to fall was the powerful British team INEOS Grenadiers. who, in a strong mountain stage, lost all possibility when they saw their leader, the reigning champion of the 2019 tour, Egan Bernal, and the main rival to be beaten, abandoned all option of competing for the victory as he showed physical problems that led him to abandon the competition.

In a silent and strategic way, Pogacar hid from the main scene, leaving all the protagonism to the yellow team, who every day were more solid. However, as a premonition of what could happen, Tadej Pogacar started to recover those lost minutes and to steal valuable seconds from him at the arrival to Roglic. 

Natural talent is unbeatable if it converges with the sacred fire of competing until the end when you get close to victory, Pogacar began to show an excellent form in the mountain stages, lands where he had to resist to arrive alive to the stage where everything was more in his favor, with the vigor of youth resists falls and attacks from all his rivals, the objective of his team was fulfilled and he arrived with options to fight a decisive face to face against Primoz Roglic.

I stopped listening to what they were telling me on the radio, I just went to the back, I knew the rise and I focused on that.

interview to Tadej Pogacar

The day arrived the definitive time trial, one by one the riders were positioned individually at the starting point to begin the stage, the favorites for the title always start at the end, as in all instances of life the fight is against time that fades away, Pogacar trusted his skills and started off towards the expected stage victory, however, second by second he showed himself solid as if an inexhaustible force was taking over his pedaling, at the other corner Roglic was fading away and losing his composure.

At the finish line all of us spectators eagerly awaited the final outcome of this unforgettable competition, without knowing it we went to a wonderful show that positions itself in the golden moments of sport, a 21 year old young man named Tadej Pogacar broke the clocks and based on an intelligent strategy supported by his team, he became the second youngest human being to win the most prestigious competition of cycling on wheels. 

I don’t know what to say, even when I’m going to realize what I did, I’m very proud of the team they did a great job to win the yellow jersey the last day is an incredible day.

interview to Tadej Pogacar

The reward is unparalleled not only wins the yellow shirt, wins the shirt of the mountain and wins the white shirt, we are before the birth and consecration of those who will become a legend. 2020 will definitely be remembered as the year where life was renewed and the changes we are witnessing portend a better future for new generations.

Results of the stage 20 Tour de France 2020