Worlds 2020, started the most important LOL event of the year.

League of Legends (LoL) is one of the most important online games in the industry, for 10 editions the most competitive players in the world meet in the most powerful competition of the esports, the world tournament runs from September 25 to October 31.

¿What is the World Championship?

The League of Legends World Championship (also known as Worlds) is an annual international tournament that brings together the best teams from each regional league in a battle to take the Summoner’s Cup and win the world championship title. The event moves between the host regions each year; this time, the teams will compete in the city of Shanghai, China.

League of Legends and Mercedes-Benz have big plans for the future

Mercedes-Benz has sponsored the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) in China since 2017. This recent agreement extends their partnership to other LPL eSports tournaments. The German automaker will be the first partner to present the game at the trophy ceremony of each global event.

In addition, it will create video content including branded content, dedicated commercials, promotional artwork and digital content on social networks. Last but not least, it will facilitate the transportation of professional lists at major events.

As a company that has a deep understanding of passion within the League of Legends community, Mercedes-Benz is the first automotive brand to fully embrace the world of e-sports on a global scale

¿What teams are competing for the region?

A region’s entries are based on past international performance. Regions that are consistently strong send some or all of their entries directly to the group stage, while others receive fewer entries or start in the Play-In phase.





Equipo completo Rainbow7

Without a doubt, LOL is the video game that has had the most impact on the industry worldwide, becoming the standard bearer of an industry where the most important brands in the world are setting their eyes, because surprisingly, Mercedes-Benz is not the only big name in the list of sponsors of the event. Red Bull, Spotify, Bose and Louis Vuitton are other notable sponsors.

This gives an important boost to the world sports championships of any video game since it is becoming more professional and offering multiple economic opportunities to those who want to be an active part of any online Gamer community.

For Latin America is a valuable opportunity for the development of young people who through active participation are acquiring technical skills, learning new languages and discovering a variety of professional careers in which they can play, therefore, this stimulates social and economic development of each of the countries in the region.