Lakers win first game of 2020 finals.

The Los Angeles Lakers win the first game of the memorable NBA 2020 finals, with a notable superiority in the first three quarters, with the Lebron James-led team starting with a sports advantage over the Miami Heat. 

The first game ended with a 116-98 lead, a slight advantage that was demonstrated by the Lakers in the first half, where they were 30 points up on the scoreboard. The Angels started the game with their most competitive quintet: Anthony Davis (34 pts), Lebron James (25 pts), Dwight Howard (2 pts), Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (13 pts) and Danny Green (11 pts). 

To reach the final the two teams faced an unprecedented challenge, to compete against the best teams of the regular phase in one place, the Disney dome in Florida arranged to keep the teams away from human contact, only the virtuality of our times allowed to break the social distance established in the whole world. 

It is said that leaders appear in the most difficult moments to lead a group of people to victory, in the case of the Lakers Lebron it appears as their natural and prominent leader, who with the cards of the game against him appropriated the challenge of a year that marked the departure of one of the most outstanding spiritual and sports leaders in the history of the Californian franchise, Kobe said goodbye very soon but left the team in good hands.

The Miami Heat started from the back in the Playoffs in a conference where the best teams of the regular phase were accommodated, those led by Jimmy Butler drew strongly on all the challenges they faced, first defeating the Milwaukee bucks favorites of the super rising star Giannis Antetokounmpo, In the second round they faced the current champions who despite not having their star of last year Kawhi Leonard showed a solid game within the field, however, the defensive solidity and field effectiveness gave a fair victory to the Miami.

The yellow and the black went to the finals winning their respective conferences, away from the social and political issues that touched the NBA in the beginning of the quarantine in the dome, the two teams prepared their best weapons; an advantage called Lebron began to absorb all the pressure since his impeccable record of 10 final plays, 3 of them won, gives him a value of mental strength and experience different from any other player in the final.

The learning that Lebron has had throughout his 35 years makes him a dominant player in both phases, defensive and offensive, to balance his scoring abilities he became a reliable 3 point shooter, but all the responsibility of what happened in this first game didn’t just fall on him; Anthony Davis with a remarkable 34 pts was the top scorer of the night, he was on fire.

Although there are 6 games left in the calendar, a victory for the Lakers cannot be anticipated since the Heat in the last quarter showed that the first game was one of losing fear and they will go out next Tuesday with the conviction of matching the series, it is a show of the best basketball in the world assured.

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