Tik tok the other face of China in this 2020

Tiktok the positive face that showed China, a new social network that is on a par with the others and that in this year demonstrated the potential it has in the face of what other social media or simply an addiction offers.

A type of social network that was developed little by little after several tests with different types of apps, everything seemed funny at first with videos that only made you smile, but precisely since the beginning of 2020 was the sixth application with more users in the world, challenging giants like whatsapp and Facebook, so much so that in April its income figures increased 10 times reaching figures in millions of dollars.

It is worth noting that tik tok was created by the Chinese technology firm Bytedance, which allows you to record, edit, and share short videos not exceeding one minute, this has led to 1 billion users remain active per month, when you enter tik tok you can see history of short videos with musicals and full of augmented reality filters.

Besides applications like Snapchat or Instagram, tik tok is the trunk of the creations of young centinials and some young adults, but also celebrities and comedians have started to use it in this new giant, but how tik tok works, the truth is there is no science or obstacles, it is simply to enter the application and you can be a user or if you want to create your own videos just create your account either with another social network account like Facebook or by email and start exploring the multiple options of creation.

Once inside you can have a whole panel of creations which can inspire you in your creations such as music videos or montages as when you sing a song without being the owner of it, or the famous comedy shorts that get you a laugh, videos with special effects and augmented reality, you can also see challenges of duets where creativity is the key or the so-called challenge, all this led to many people grew up in various countries having many views of their creations.

But this is not all, is the new marketing weapon if you want to attract new and young audiences, is the ideal means to achieve more interactions, this can also allow to be ahead in the market and enhance the recognition of your brand, and even there are several exploring either with funny videos or more serious videos encouraging us to be careful with nature and care for our planet, no doubt the impact of tik tok as we see it in figures after Instagram is the most impressive worldwide, hopefully not an addiction but an opportunity.