Blast55 travels to space to launch the video for his song ‘To Mars’

The video shows the Colombian band playing in a Martian viewpoint in an imaginary space where rock and love converge.

Just a few days ago, the Colombian band Blast55 presented to the world their new song ‘A Marte’, a declaration of love where imperfections are recognized and the importance of the other is highlighted. It is an invitation to let the mind travel and, for a moment, be carried away by the idyll that love produces.

To continue promoting their new release, the group formed by Juan Pablo Patiño on vocals, Juan Camilo Moreno on bass, Nicolás Villamizar on guitar and second vocals, Mario Andrés La Rotta on lead guitar and Jose Lenes on drums launches the official video of the song, a team work full of quality and creativity.

“The props (Pieces of paper) were made by Colombian artist Isabel Espinal @paper.props and we had the support of Ahora Producciones (Production of lights and smoke). We included more than 45 stars, 3 meteorites, more than 10 asteroids and some planets that, like the spaceship and the astronaut, are part of the spatial aesthetics of the video.”

comments Juan Camilo Moreno.

The clip, starring the members of Blast55, was filmed in the garage of a house that was transformed into a space environment from where the planet earth can be seen.

The direction and editing of the clip was in charge of Juan Pablo Patiño, the art direction and post production & Animations was done by Isabel Espinal and the production of lights and effects on set was done by Fabio Zambrano of Ahora producciones.

“We relied on the name of the song to define the aesthetics of the video and reinforce the pun: To Mars.”

emphasizes Nicolás Villamizar.

Blast55 is clear that it is possible to perform quality work with limited budgets when there is a connection between work teams, when there is a clear line of execution of tasks and when, above all, there is a lot of love for what is being done.

“As an independent band we are aware of the importance of self-management (do it yourself) and cooperation with artists like Isabel Espinal who, in this case, contribute to the development of ideas,” says Jose Lenes.

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