The teams that advanced to the quarterfinals of the champions league are confirmed

Today the UEFA Champions League round of 16 matches ended, a round that will be historic and remembered for a long time, since the hegemony of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in the top European soccer competition has officially ended. From now on, new figures will emerge, but we will see if the young talents are capable of defeating the powerful reigning champion, Bayern Munich.

Official list of the teams that have qualified for the Quarterfinals


Qualifiers for the quarterfinals of the Champions League

The two Premier League leaders qualify

Liverpool and Manchester City are the representatives of the Premier League of England, a league that despite being considered the best in the world thanks to the competitive parity of all the teams is always a little in debt in the highest European competition, although Liverpool has not had its best year in terms of results, by the quality of their game the red team is considered within the group of favorites to reach the semifinals, otherwise City leads the Premier by more than 10 points and aspire to make the final leap for victory in the championships.

Kylian Mbappe y Erlig Haaland

Young stars aiming to reign supreme in European soccer

Mbappe and Haaland are the surnames of the moment, of a present that puts them in the race to leave their mark in the history of soccer, citing this present both have squandered all their talent in this year’s competition, Kyllian Mbappe at pure speed is able to dribble any defense that hinders his way to get the goal that lights up the nights of elegant Paris, on the other hand, Erling Haaland with the use of force and the Norwegian legacy of the fight imposes his long physique to put the ball in the back of the net; It was the two figures who took PSG and Dortmund to the quarter-finals.

The historical ones that cannot be missed

Real Madrid, faithful to its style of play and imprint, defines the matches at key moments to leave opponents unable to respond, talented players who complement each other perfectly execute their individual work to make the white flag of Spanish soccer royalty stand out, led by Sergio Ramos in defense and guided by the elegant goals of Benzema, they are always the rival to beat in the Champions League finals.

The German engineering of Bayern Munich in the service of sport has been able to build an almost unbeatable team, each of the gears of the team work to perfection with the precision of a gadget to measure time, on the court they are what set the pace of the game as they did last year where they were the undisputed champions.

Porto and Chelsea hope for a surprise

In a gala party there should always be the guests who came as a surprise because they are the ones who give excitement to the show, Chelsea with its team of young figures is betting on a promising future so much so that this promise is already delivering positive results where victories in important matches are accompanying the English team, for their part the Portuguese Porto will continue their way with the same game disposition on the field, where they have not retreated before any rival but on the contrary have imposed their idea of play and their commitment to victory.


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