Xbox Game Pass: Grand Theft Auto V can be played for one dollar

To start off this month with a bang, Outriders was available from April 1 for Xbox Game Pass members on consoles. But now, in the latest in a steady stream of Game Pass news, Microsoft has announced that MLB The Show 21 will be coming to Game Pass on launch day, April 20. In addition, Grand Theft Auto V will return to Game Pass on April 8, along with NHL 21, Zombie Army 4 and more at the end of the month.

If you are not a Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, you can get your first month for just $1 at Microsoft. Then check out the details below to get the best possible Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal, 4 months for only $30.

GTA V was removed from Game Pass in May 2020, but now it will return almost a year later. Xbox has just announced a new set of games coming to Xbox Game Pass in April. Following the MLB: The Show news the other day, we’re also getting Grand Theft Auto V, NHL 21, Zombie Army 4, Rain on Your Parade, and more in April.

Not only is this the first time MLB: The Show is appearing on the Xbox, but Microsoft went ahead and worked out a deal for Game Pass members to add it to the service on launch day, April 20. If you’re a baseball fan, until this season, your only option for playing virtual baseball has been exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation.

EA Play will also be adding two new sports games in the coming months

NHL 21 and FIFA 21. This is good news for those who have held off buying the latest sports titles until now. NHL 21 will be added sometime in April, while FIFA 21 will finally be added in May. Game Pass Ultimate members can also access 16 Xbox and Xbox 360 games through Xbox Cloud Gaming on their Android mobile devices, including games like Oblivion and Fallout New Vegas.

Outriders now available on Xbox Game Pass

That’s right, the new loot shooter Outriders is now on Xbox Game Pass. It requires 49.4 GB of space for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S users.

Not only that, but Xbox Game Pass for PC has also received a boost, as EA Play is now a free add-on for PC users. To set the record straight, you don’t need an Ultimate subscription to play EA Play games on PC, just Game Pass for PC, which costs $7.99 per month. 

This saw the inclusion of some impressive titles on both console and PC, such as Star Wars Squadrons. We also saw great games like Octopath Traveler, Narita Boy and Yakuza 6 join the service.

New Xbox Game Pass titles

Undertale (Nube, Consola y PC)

Empire of Sin (Nube, Consola y PC)

Nier: Automata (PC)

Star Wars: Squadrons (Consola)

Torchlight III (PC)

Genesis Noir (Consola y PC)

Octopath Traveler (Consola y PC)

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Ultimate Edition (PC)

Supraland (PC) ID@Xbox

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life (Cloud, Consola y PC)

Narita Boy (Nube, Consola y PC)

Outriders (nube y consola) – 1 de abril

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