Maradona: Blessed Dream series confirmed for release in 2021

Amazon Prime Video released the Teaser Trailer of the series Maradona: Sueño Bendito, in the different video platforms on Monday it was confirmed that the series will be released this 2021, the trailer is accompanied by the legendary song Life is Life by Opus and shows images of the most iconic moments of the soccer and personal life of the maximum idol of world soccer Diego Armando Maradona.

It has been confirmed that the series will consist of 2 seasons of 10 episodes each, in this preview we can see “Diego” with the legendary Napoli’s 10 jersey, a humble club from the south of Italy that the Argentine soccer player led to become one of the best in Europe in the 80’s, also, we can not miss his consecration in the 1986 Mexico World Cup as the best player of the 20th century.

Four actors interpret Maradona’s life

Diego Maradona’s life is soccer made people and the rhetorical answer to why it is the most popular sport in the world, the dream of any humble boy to become a professional first and then defend the colors of his national team is the highest aspiration for those who love this sport. Maradona achieved all that, that is why his life is divided into four stages: his childhood in the humility of Villa Fiorito in Buenos Aires, his adolescence defending the colors of Argentinos Juniors, perhaps his quietest days on the fields, his youth and consecration and his adult stage with the controversies that never failed until the end of his days.

The four actors chosen to give life to “Diego” are Juan Cruz (childhood), Nicolás Goldschmidt (during his time at Argentinos), Nazareno Casero (the sporting plenitude along with the first personal storms) and Juan Palomino, responsible for deciphering his last years.

Maradona: Blessed Dream

Before leaving the world of mortals on November 25, 2020 to go to the Olympus of the elect, Maradona gave his approval in 2019 for the realization of the series, although, because of the pandemic the recordings were delayed until 2020, additionally it was known that Claudia Villafañe (ex-wife) and Dalma Maradona (daughter) sued the producers against the realization of the series.

Beyond all controversy, the series enters the final phase of the warm-up. And it does so to the maradonian “Live is life” by Opus, a melody redefined and appropriated by what Gary Lineker summed up as “the best warm-up in the history of this wonderful game”. The protagonist already has a series in his honor.

Said Federico Lisica of Página12.com

It is expected that in the coming months the launching date of a series will be confirmed, which thanks to the greatness and worldwide importance of the character it is portraying, will not leave any viewer excluded from the opinion but above all from the memory of a cosmic kite that came from another planet to represent the celestial and white sky of a nation called “Argentina…Argentina” that sees how the sun hides to the south of the American continent.


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