PlayStation 5: official presentation and launch price.

Playstation 5 showed its final version, in a successful Showcase transmitted by the official Playstation digital platforms was made the final presentation to the market, the surprises were not lacking and finally was revealed the price to acquire the console.

In recent years the console market has lost its position within the video game industry, thanks to the superlative impact that has obtained the PCs developed with specific features that offer superior performance in graphics, storage capacity, definition and connectivity.

However the great advantage that videogames have is the great amount of developers willing to build alliances for the development of titles that keep the industry alive, examples such as the impact of The last of us or Uncharted have shown that although it is an old industry, it is always in the capacity to evolve and put itself at the forefront.

This year was being awaited with many expectations since in 2019 Sony announced the development of the PS5, at the same time that Microsoft announced the launch of its new console, the Xbox X series, this news caused a full year of speculation among experts and fans who were alert to any information or news that will show the design and features of the new Playstation. 

In July of this year all the conjectures were finished since SONY gathered all the spectators in the first showcase of the year where a complete look of the physical characteristics was offered, it was a success the console received positive praises, most of the spectators were delighted of this new design that additionally offers an advanced performance of its characteristics since it has a customized solid state drive designed for high speed data transmission to allow significant improvements in the graphic performance. The hardware features a custom AMD GPU offering support for 4K resolution displays and new audio hardware for real-time 3D audio effects and backward compatibility with most PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR games.

With this information visible to everyone and the design comparison between the two consoles most experts predicted a marked advantage of the Playstation 5 over the Xbox X series, what nobody counted on was that at the same time Microsoft worked confidentially on a console to enter the low cost market that has been forgotten by both companies in recent years and that represents a huge market share in countries in other regions where the financial capacity of players is limited.

To answer its competitor Sony announced the second Showcase of the year to solve the question that everyone was worried about, how much will it cost to have the Playstation 5; the chosen date arrived, September 16th, the enormous expectation achieved that in the official transmission almost 3 million people connected to solve this concern.

The event was very sophisticated, tidy and suitable for the occasion, as the minutes passed we were all surprised by the official advances of the exclusive video games of the Final Fantasy XVI console, Spiderman (Miles Morales), Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, Fornite, Playstation Plus collection, among others increased the excitement to savor the final cost to acquire this beautiful console. 

When the cost was finally shown the news did not leave anyone indifferent, many agree others not so much but in the end the brand achieved its goal, to be strong and determined for a competition that will become historic, only time will tell if in the end SONY’s strategy was the most successful, but what we should be grateful is that we are living in an epoch where diversity sets the trend, giving us the possibility to choose among several excellent options the best way to satisfy our impetuous need for entertainment. 

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