Meet ‘Lectora de Tracks’ The musical universe of Mónica Martínez

Mónica Martínez is a passionate, creative and persevering woman who takes every idea she comes up with to make it a reality. She is a musician, audio producer and political scientist. She has 12 years of experience in the music industry, has been Label Manager at EMI Music Colombia and has led artistic strategies of renowned Colombian artists. She is CEO of the digital and music marketing agency M2 Agencia, content creator, columnist, music journalist and podcaster with her project ‘Lectora de Tracks’.

“I have gone through several stages as a person and today I am going through the best one. God has opened beautiful doors for me intellectually and at work. I like to work for the dreams of Colombian artists. I am a peacemaker, I like to be at peace with myself and with others,” she says.

She discovered that music was born with her when at the age of 5 she accompanied her sister to choir rehearsals at school. After a while she knew all the songs and ended up singing them out loud to the point that the director invited her to be part of the group and so she began to sing in several intercollegiate events of choirs and tunas in the Jorge Eliecer Gaitan Theater.

“While my mom and sister watched movies, I would lock myself in my room and record myself on a cassette. I remember singing Celine Dion’s ‘Greatest Hits’ from the first to the last song. Music has always been with me, it’s my friend, I feel I understand it like no one else. We can live without many things, but without music life would not be so great,” she adds.

‘Lectora de Tracks’ is one of the most important projects of her career and was born in 2015 when she worked at a Colombian radio station where she had to program songs on weekends for five hours, thus baptizing her music slot.

“I took paper and pencil and began to make a list of names that represented me in music and successful disc jockeys’ spaces. First I thought of Manolo Bellon and his unforgettable program ‘Los Surcos del Pop’, so I wrote down “grooves”, then I thought that grooves are printed on vinyl, a format I already knew. This led me to think that each track (black line) is the meeting of many grooves, but this can not sound if it does not make contact with a needle that is the reader and as each turn of radio for me must be accompanied by stories I gave life to ‘Tracks Reader’, “he emphasizes.




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